Photo by Martin BenjaminEpona Racing Stable

Named after the Celtic Goddess of Horses, the mission of Epona Racing Stable is to bring to individuals the excitement and pageantry of owning a thoroughbred race horse at top venues and at an affordable price.  By participating in a partnership, individuals can experience the perks of thoroughbred ownership at a fraction of the price and risk (unlike other partnerships, our definition of “affordable” is not necessarily a five-figure sum), and by pooling their assets with others, they will likely be able to participate in a higher quality horse than any one individual could probably afford to purchase on his or her own.


If your primary reasons for joining a thoroughbred horse racing partnership are to meet and have fun with good people, to appreciate the majesty of the thoroughbred, and to experience the thrills of participating in a sport at the “major league” level, then we believe that you will receive tremendous value from your participation in an Epona Racing Stable horse.  With leading conditioners training our current stable of equine athletes, in 2010, we just completed our most successful year, with ten wins and over sixty percent of our starters finishing in the money.   With four wins to date, 2011 has also started with a bang.  Whether you are an admirer of the sport and the horses or a life-long punter who now wants to “own” a horse for more than just two minutes at a time, we invite you to come horse around with us.